Strategic In/Sight Partners Promotes Casey Mackert to Vice President

April 29, 2022

Strategic In/Sight Partners is pleased to announce the promotion of Casey Mackert to the role of Vice President. Casey previously held the position of Director of Baldrige Services. Casey holds degrees in Business Administration and Psychology, and has co-authored the book Organization Diagnosis, Design andTransformation (Eighth Edition ASQ Quality Press), and held senior leadership positions in strategy development prior to joining Strategic In/Sight Partners.


Mackert has served the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program in a number of capacities including Technical Editor, Case Study Author, Facilitator, MasterExaminer, and Team Leader. She has also held the position of President and CEOof The Partnership for Excellence, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia’s Baldrige Program; Vice President of Development for the Baldrige Foundation, and Judge for both the American Health Care Association Quality Award and The Partnership for Excellence. She held Board positions with The Junior League of Cleveland,The Partnership for Excellence, The Thomas and Marjorie Gray Foundation, and continues to serve on the board for ProAct Indy, a non-profit organization that stands in the gap for vulnerable populations while empowering youth to transform their communities.


About her promotion, Casey says, “I love what I do and am humbled every day as I work with amazing clients that are committed to performance excellence and continuous improvement. While I coach and help them learn the fundamentals of strategic planning and the Baldrige Framework, I learn just as much from them about the healthcare, education, and business sectors. I am really looking forward to continuing my work with organizations using the Baldrige Framework while expanding my role with our strategy and organizational health clients. I am also honored to work with our great team of professionals and assisting with more operational aspects of our business.”


SixD is excited for Mackert to build on her great success and achievement in supporting clients.


“Casey has been a true example of excellence to our clients and to our team for many years andI couldn’t be more excited about this expanded role for Casey within our team.”


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