Strategic Planning
A desire for lasting excellence.
We will prepare to plan by gathering key data from the business, employees, and customers.
With your Leadership Team, we will set short-term and long-term plans that create buy-in for the team during a two-day retreat.
We will finalize all plans from the off-site retreat to create clarity and commitment to achieving goals and action plans.
We will share the vision
and direction with employees.
We will set a routine to work on and in your business – daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly.
On a quarterly and annual basis, we will assess and update goals and action plans for greater success.
As trusted advisors, we will directly support leaders through weekly, monthly, quarterly, and on-demand coaching.
Strategic Planning

We facilitate strategic planning sessions with your leadership team to help build stronger, more profitable organizations. Once the plan is in place, we aid in the execution through routine check-ins, actionable coaching sessions and customized tools and processes to execute your strategy.

The In/Sight Retreat focuses on developing your organization's strategic plan to maximize business operations. This retreat gathers the opinions from your Leadership Team on the top weaknesses and opportunities for your organization to create a well-balanced strategic plan and goals.

Organizations that use Strategic In/Sight Partners are more likely to understand and appreciate what it takes to reach their goals and are more likely to be profitable in a predictable and consistent way.

Strategic Planning

By connecting with the CEO/President on a set regimented schedule, the In/Sight coach is able to help apply the right level of assistance to insure the “right” work is being completed. A coach creates accountability - helping to keep your business focused on what you’ve decided is most important.

There is no greater tool for improving the performance of your organization than setting well-thought-out goals - it's one of the most effective communication tools for leadership. And we're not just talking about your senior leaders - EVERYONE in your organization needs to understand how to set effective goals.

You'll use an In/Sight software to maintain and measure progress against these goals, making the results available immediately and transparently throughout your company.

After multiple planning cycles, your organization will develop clarity in goal setting, and better individual and organizational performance.


Every organization needs a business coach.  In/Sight coaches have a combined total of 70+ years of diverse experiences.  From former CEOs to Higher Education, across many industries from textiles to manufacturing. In/Sight has the right coach with the right experience to help your organization grow.

In/Sight business coaches are seasoned senior executives who have already experienced what you're going through. Many have been CEOs themselves, or have management consulting experience. They're all certified and licensed in the In/Sight strategy execution methodology. They're experienced in coaching at the executive level - and perhaps equally as important, they understand the importance and value that organizational coaching offers.
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