“Like most businesses, we were confronted with the confusion and the many unknowns brought on by the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. While we had just come off a very productive year end strategic planning session with Strategic In/Sight Partners, our Leadership team quickly found itself reacting to managing the overwhelming virus safeguards and navigating the erratic market and new project customer demands.  As our Company oscillated with the many conflicting priorities, Strategic In/Sight Partners continued to reach out with guidance and best practices to create a cohesive direction.  Kudos to Eric, his team and a process that does truly work!”

Jon Sisler, President, Brett Sisler Vice President
“Our former strategy was just 'to sell.' Strategic In/Sight Partners has changed all that – we are now looking at our business through a 10 year window, but with a focused quarterly strategy to get us there.  We are more organized and are setting common goals that align with our manufacturers’ goals.  We expect that getting on the same page with each other and our manufacturers will tremendously improve our business.  And this is not just a good plan written down and put into a desk drawer.  With Strategic In/Sight Partners, it’s all about execution.”

Scott Boley, Partner
“Strategic In/Sight Partners is a good return on investment financially and a greater return on investment on the intangibles of morale, associate confidence in the company, the process, and themselves, and leadership vision.”“I would adopt Strategic In/Sight Partners again, without hesitation. I only wish I would have done this in years prior.”

Pat O'Connor, President
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